Dining with us

Enjoying good food with friends is one of life’s great joys, and at Everwood, we pride ourselves on serving fresh, tasty and nutritious meals every day.

As a new resident, the Chef will want to hear all about your preferences and dietary requirements to ensure the kitchen team provides you with a menu that is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Seasonal produce is chosen whenever possible and of course, relatives and friends are always welcome to join. You are free to take your meals in your room if you wish, or, to enjoy your food in a more social environment, you can join other residents in the dining area.

We have a varied menu each week, but you can still choose something not on the menu if you fancy something different, we are all individual and we aim to meet the needs of all our residents.

Our Chef plans themed dining experiences to give our residents an opportunity to try different cultures and tastes to add a bit of spice to your dining experience. As we get older our taste and palettes change but our Chefs understand this and can adapt to meet your needs.

Our Professional Chefs

Our professional chefs continue to train and further their knowledge to deliver high quality meals each day. They attend workshops throughout the year, to further their knowledge and skills in areas such bakery, butchery and modified diets, helping to ensure that any dish that leaves the kitchen is just what you ordered.

Our chefs carefully plan menu cycles, ensuring each of our residents enjoy a selection of delicious dishes every day of the week that promote the highest level of nutrition and hydration. Classic meals often feature alongside traditional regional dishes on our menus.

Both of our care homes have regular themed food days too, providing opportunities for the residents to try different types of food, prepared freshly for you.


Our professional catering teams use fresh ingredients, sourced from local butchers, fruit and vegetable suppliers to prepare a range of delicious, wholesome meals in our kitchens. Our catering teams meet with residents regularly ensuring that they understand your meal preferences and nutritional needs, so that each of our homes tailor their menus to suit individual residents.

Our Coffee Shops

Each of our homes have a coffee shop on site, offering the perfect spot for residents to welcome visitors. Here residents, friends and family can comfortably enjoy a tea or freshly made coffee, Danish pastries, homemade cakes and biscuits.